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Real Estate Law Old Saybrook, CT Family Law Middletown, CT

Like every other aspect of our practice, Family Law is changing. Once, the term was merely a polite way to say "divorce." Now, it encompasses a wide variety of legal matters. We have provided information about some of the most common types of Family Law cases. We could have included many others. For example, many probate disputes involve family disputes as intense as those found in a contested divorce case.

Real estate is a core area of our legal practice. We have three attorneys who focus on this aspect of our practice. Click on the subheading that is closest to your area of concern. Then, give us a call if you think we might be able to assist you.
Criminal Law Old Saybrook, CT, DUI Old Saybrook CT, DUI Middletown, CT

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Criminal Law is that the party pursuing the case is the government. A criminal defendant faces the full weight of the state's efforts, including the support of law enforcement, the benefit of an early look at their investigation and evidence, independent investigatory efforts available to the prosecution, state lab facilities, and other resources. The accused can counter that only by engaging the services of a defense attorney. If you are being charged with a crime, you have the right as an American citizen to challenge the allegations against you. At FGSB, we take that responsibility seriously. If you'd like further information about your specific type of case, click on the options under this heading.
Business Law Middletown, CT, business formation Middletown, CT, business litigation Middletown, CT

At FGSB, we "get it" when it comes to business matters. We're a business too. We deal with employee issues, leases, regulatory compliance, financial concerns, and every other aspect of running an effective business. We'll use the same care in addressing your concerns as we do in dealing with our own.


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