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When you think of criminal law, what image comes to mind--a courtroom scene with closing arguments in front of a jury?   At  FGSB, we have represented clients in defense of the most serious felony charges such as burglary, arson, sexual assault, and conspiracy.  When necessary, we can and will take a case to a jury trial.


The reality is that much of a defense lawyer’s work involves less serious charges, which are not likely to result in a trial.  That does not mean that our role is diminished.   We begin even the most basic case with an evaluation of the State’s evidence and a challenge to any elements that are not verifiable.  We insist, when appropriate, that charges be modified or reduced. In other instances, there are “diversionary” programs which can be used to end the case without a conviction. We are very active in plea negotiations, often taking the lead in developing an individualized alternative to incarceration. We explore those alternatives fully because even an apparently minor conviction may have unknown consequences in terms of future employment, admission to college or immigration status.


Jason Lewellyn is the first point of contact for any inquiries you may have about legal representation in defense of criminal charges.  You can schedule a confidential meeting with him at either our Old Saybrook or Middletown office.

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Did you know that Connecticut doesn't prohibit drunk driving? Okay, that's a trick question we use when speaking to high school students or other groups. We then explain that DUI stands for driving under the influence. You don't have to be drunk to be charged. The standard for driving under the influence is much lower. It's also worth mentioning that the charge encompasses driving under the influence of any drug, whether illegal, over the counter, or properly prescribed by a doctor.


Our office has handled hundreds of DUI cases over the years. Most often we deal with clients who have exercised poor judgment at a party or social event. Unfortunately, we also represent repeat offenders and those who have been involved in serious motor vehicle accidents as a result of driving under the influence. Either way, there is important work to be done.


Even clients with no prior record face a complicated bureaucracy. A DUI allegation involves potential penalties from both the criminal justice system and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Even a client who is remorseful and desires to acknowledge responsibility has every right to make sure the facts support the allegations which have been made, and that the penalty is appropriate. Many clients simply wish to have an attorney guide them through the legal process. We make every effort to pursue these cases in an affordable fashion.


For obvious reasons, repeat offenses involve additional challenges. In those cases, we explore and develop alternatives to incarceration and offer those alternatives to the Court. We act to protect our client's license, especially in those cases where it is needed for work.


We would be happy to meet with you so that you can make an informed decision about engaging counsel in the defense of your DUI case.


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