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Business Formation

At FGSB we are candid with our clients.  We live in a time when most business forms can be downloaded from a public source. Our value comes not from our ability to fill out forms, but in our professional advice and service.


The first thing we will discuss is the reasons for forming a partnership, corporation or limited liability company.  We’ll discuss the specific requirements of your business.  Then, we’ll provide you with what you need.  For some clients that means negotiating a lease.  For others, it’s helping to draft the basic contract that will be used with customers of the business, or meeting licensing requirements, or complying with regulations.  We’ll coordinate with other professionals, such as your accountant, in an effort to get your business started on the right foot. Simply put, we are here as part of your business team and not suppliers of legal forms.


If you have a moment, take a look at the entry entitled BUSINESS ISSUES on this website. It describes our ongoing relationship with our business clients.  If that’s the type of professional relationship that seems attractive to you, give a call to our office. Sundeep would be happy to discuss how we might best assist you.



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Buying and Selling A Business Old Saybrook CT

Buying and Selling a Business

For many of our clients, the purchase or sale of a business is the largest single financial transaction of their lifetime. For Buyers, it is a new and exciting opportunity. For Sellers, it may represent the chance to convert a lifetime of effort into a secure retirement. Either way, we recognize the importance of this matter to our clients.


The purchase/sale of a business involves unique issues. An acceptable contract must be negotiated between Buyer and Seller. A variety of investigations may be required to verify that the representations of the Seller are accurate. Many purchases are financed by loans from financial institutions. These lenders will have numerous conditions, many of which must be met by Buyer's counsel. There are steps which must be taken to ensure the transition of the business premises, customers, employees, and equipment.


A sale involves other concerns. The documentation required by Buyer and Buyer's bank must be delivered in a timely manner. Sometimes the Seller will supply some of the financing, a circumstance which raises a host of issues.


Simply put, a purchase or sale of a business is completely unlike the typical residential transaction which you may have experienced. We suggest you meet with us at the earliest possible point in your transaction (i.e. before a contract is signed.) We'll provide you with some information about our experience and expertise in this area of the law. We'll give you information on what you can expect from us as the transaction moves forward. Of course, we hope you'll retain us, but our initial meeting is entirely without obligation.

Business Litigation

We get it--if you are a business owner, the last thing you need is to be involved in litigation. At FGSB we can't promise you that we'll make legal problems disappear. What we can do is help you make good decisions, both of a business and legal nature, so that you can get back to what you do best as soon as possible.


It isn't possible to list every type of business dispute. They are as varied as the business world itself. Sometimes commercial litigation involves the collection of delinquent accounts. We often deal with contract disputes, employment issues, and problems with governmental regulations. In fact, if you look at the areas described in the subheading BUSINESS ISSUES in this website, any of those problems can end up in court.


Efficient communication between lawyer and client is essential in this area of the law. We need accurate information in order to properly represent a business. The business cannot stop its operations to focus entirely on a legal dispute. We'll work with "your people" to form an efficient method of proceeding.


There are many aspects of business litigation which differ from other types of lawsuits. We'll be happy to meet with you and discuss your particular concern.

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Business Issues

There was a time when a business was said to have a law firm “on retainer.”   At FGSB we aren’t that formal. We value our long-term relationships with business clients and expect to be called with any legal questions that arise.  These may range from assistance with leases to employment questions, contract issues, business conflicts or dissolution of a business.  We know that our clients expect prompt, concise answers as well as our recommendations.  So, if you are an FGSB client, you are welcome to say that you have us “on retainer.”  The key point is that you will have access to a lawyer who knows you, is familiar with your business operations and will be there when an issue arises.


It’s been our experience that a business issue may require the services of an attorney experienced in other areas of the law.  In that event, it's even more important to have an existing relationship of trust and confidence with a law firm. We have a number of lawyers who handle business problems. We also have lawyers who focus on real estate law, litigation, administrative law, and even criminal law.  Whatever the circumstance, it’s likely that we have the experience to handle your concern “in house.”


Even if you don’t have an immediate problem or concern, you are welcome to meet with us and get acquainted with our lawyers and our legal services.



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