To Our FGSB Clients and Friends:


As we move through the month of May, we continue to adjust to the challenges of the Covid-19 virus. We have developed procedures which enable us to handle legal matters in each of our practice areas. Video conferences are now routinely used in client conferences for negotiations with other lawyers, mediations and other communication. The court system is adapting so, as to allow at least some of our family, civil and criminal cases to proceed.


These steps, combined with other elements of office technology, have allowed us to handle most of our client needs. Last month we handled a larger number of real estate transactions than we did in the corresponding month of 2019.


The hardest part of our operation to handle through the use of technology is our personal relationships with our clients. We are not yet scheduling in-office appointments and will not do so until we are told it is safe and appropriate. You may be interested in knowing that our lawyers are coming to the office to do most of their legal work. We’ve had to take some significant safety measures, but we have found it difficult to do all that must be done working from home.


We'd like to thank all those who are making it possible to function in this difficult environment. Our staff has gone beyond what we could have asked or expected. Banks, realtors, doctors, accountants, and all of the other professionals we partner with have all adapted to the “new normal”. We appreciate all of them. Most importantly, our clients have been understanding as we give safety the highest priority while still meeting their need for legal services.


We are looking forward to returning to our normal business practices. Until then, be assured that we are doing all that can be done to meet your expectations of this firm.



Welcome to FGSB

The cornerstone of our practice is a sense of professionalism. This involves providing our clients with the highest possible level of legal services.  It also includes the personal satisfaction that comes with a job well done.


We value a sense of collegiality. The lawyers in this firm are a diverse group and have varied areas of practice, but we work in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Cases are discussed. Clients are placed with the attorney who can best do the job.


Firm mentality--We practice as a firm, in part, because it is economical to do so.  Beyond that, sharing the administrative burdens allows each of us to focus our attention on the substantive areas of practice that interest us.


Atmosphere–We have confidence in our work product but are not arrogant. Clients should find us relaxed and approachable.


Legal Fees–We do not hide the fact that we charge for our legal services. Our goal is not to be the least expensive law firm, but the law firm that delivers the best value for our clients.


Role of Attorneys–We face the challenges of a rapidly changing society.  We know that the needs of our clients are constantly changing, and our role must adapt to meet those needs.



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